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Immigration Services
The professional immigration team led by ICCRC registered immigration consultant is good at international student transfer, immigration fast track, provincial nominated immigration and the US Canada investment immigration program
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Visa Services
All kinds of Canadian visas, including student visa, tourist visa, work visa, companion visa, etc. are personally represented by ICCRC registered immigration consultant, as well as global tourist visas such as the United States, Britain, Schengen, Japan a
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Education Planning
For international students and local students to do school planning, free application of cooperative colleges, to achieve the full service of application, admission, study to graduation immigration
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Student Residence
With the help of Canadian property management company, we provide customized student apartment service for international students without guarantee and unified management. The apartment has convenient transportation, high living comfort and large free spa
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Established in 2006 in Vancouver, Canada, Jiaheng International has set up branches in Toronto, Ontario, and Beijing CBD, China, aiming to escort more overseas students' overseas life, and truly realize the zero-distance comprehensive overseas service.

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Border Work Permitget√

Client z graduated from a university in central Canada in 2016, and his graduation work visa was valid until September, 2011. In December, she signed up with the Jiaheng team to do immigration planning. Her language score was not ideal, and it was difficult for her to get a higher score. The team made a LMIA+EE plan for her to apply for immigration. At the same time, because Z's major in university did not match her job and her language score was not ideal, the consultant suggested that she go to the border directly to change her job visa. Just the day before yesterday, she successfully got a new two-year work permit!

PR approved letter with marriage history

The sponsor C got his PR card in 2014 through Jaheng's marriage immigration channel, but later some factors caused the divorce. She met her husband and wanted him to move to Canada with her. In October 2019, when her PR card had expired for five years and she was qualified to sponsor others, she went to Gahyung again to sponsor her husband's immigration. It was officially submitted at the end of January last year, during which there was a replacement, and finally received the approval letter in April this year! You know, marital cases are more difficult, but with the help of a consultant's careful planning and explanatory letters, PR can be secured!

Super Fast 3 Months EECEC approval

When customer W found the Jiaheng team, her graduation work visa had expired, so the consultant helped her to get a new job offer by starting with her work planning. Then she applied for LMIA to her employer, adding 50 points directly to her CRS. In January of this year, with one year's worth of experience under her belt, the consultant immediately submitted her application for a federal fast-track Experience Class immigrant (EECEC), which was quickly selected. [Let me see] Today, the consultant received her no-sign-in letter, and it took only three months to get her PR!

LMIA+EE Success Stories

Mr. S met his future wife while studying design at an American university. After graduation at the end of 2018, I signed a contract with the Chinese branch of Jiaheng to immigrate to Canada together with my husband and wife. After getting the job offer, the consultant helped the employer apply for the LMIA, which was approved by LMIA in April of the next year, and the two applied for the Canadian work visa. After gaining enough work experience, the consultant submitted EE applications for them in May last year. Recently, I finally got the letter of no login

UBC graduate students is invited within 1 day in the pool

Customer W was a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at UBC before and found the Jiaheng team at the end of 19. The consultant recommended BCPNP's graduate direct admission program, which required no work experience, and prepared the materials before graduation. After getting the diploma, you can submit it in seconds. You will be invited after only 1 and a half days in the pool! Yesterday, I received the PR no-login letter, so fast ~!

Fast track to get PR in 7 months for a master's degree

The client is a master of UBC. In November, 19, he signed a contract with the Jiaheng team to do immigration planning. After graduation, the team helped find an employer who agreed with the conditions and prepared the required materials intensively. The client's own language performance is very good, and it just meets the requirements of CEC after one year's work. I helped her submit the application at the beginning of September last year, and got the pr confirmation letter within 7 months during the epidemic!

Cohabitation immigration for same-gender couples

Customer X approached the Jiaheng team in November 2019 and wanted to apply for cohabitation immigration with her boyfriend. After fully understanding the consultant began to help customers to prepare all kinds of cohabitation materials as support! This includes organizing photos and chats, and helping them perfect their love story! It was officially submitted in May last year and approved in less than a year. (Canada has long recognized same-sex marriage, and same-sex common-law couples are included in its immigration law. Cohabitation for one year is equal to marriage.)

University of Waterloo Master's 15k Scholarship

Client M applied for a master's degree in Jiahengtuan after graduation from university. He majored in economics during his undergraduate study and has a GPA of 3.4. After learning about his situation and appeals in detail, the consultant suggested and helped him select several ideal universities. He also chose economics as his major. In the meantime, he also applied for documents. Recently, the University of Waterloo in the east offers to issue, and "Hosa 1w5 scholarship! It's so good!

UK Postgraduate,University of Birmingham

The GPA was only 2.8 when the client first found Jiaheng to sign up for the school plan. Thanks to the careful course selection and guidance of the team, my GPA was successfully raised to 3.1, but I was still not enough to apply for a prestigious university. The Jiaheng team then made a comprehensive package for the client in the aspects of work, study planning, career planning and spare time life, and also helped the client to polish and modify the recommendation letter, and finally helped the client successfully get the admission notice of economics postgraduate in the University of Birmingham!

Overseas workers LMIA work visa approval in three months

The owner of a local material store in Dawen signed a contract with the Jiaheng team to apply LMIA for two Japanese masters to work in Canada. After receiving the LMIA batch in early April, I immediately prepared the work signatures and submitted them. Recently, the work signatures of the two chefs have been successively approved. I am ready to log in and bring the most authentic local cuisine.

Google Review
Google Review
name:Calvin Liu
class of business:Overseas study business
Canada study abroad immigration industry leader
class of business:Immigration business
Everyone has kindly and professionally answered my questions about immigration. I am very glad that Jia Heng can help me with immigration. Thank you!
name:ben abery
class of business:Tax refund business
the consultant is so professional on my tax refund. Nice service.
name:Amy Abery
class of business:Visa business
I asked about my work permit. So nice trained consultant and good experience on this service.
name:Yue Fan
class of business:general
My case was complicated for special reasons, and I found Jahun when I was at my most helpless. Thanks to Jiaheng, I have hope and confidence in my life in Canada
name:Xi Wang
class of business:Visa business
I almost lost the opportunity to apply for the graduation work visa. Thanks to the help of my sister Jiaheng, I successfully got the three-year graduation work visa. Thank you very much
name:Li Aiying
class of business:Overseas study business
Richmond's new store has a good environment. I have been applying for visa in Jiahenregent before, and I was admitted by ubc sfu soon after applying for transfer. I think I will choose ubc, though far away, the best university in Vancouver
name:TTZK GG
class of business:Immigration business
The couple reunion in Jiaheng was very professional. Although we had many problems in the process, the consultants and copywriters were also very patient to help us explain and successfully complete the immigration! Thank you, Jahan!
name:Elisa Zhang
class of business:Immigration business
Consultant carina was very patient and gave professional advice. She paid special attention to details when submitting application materials, so that I could enter the pool smoothly! Thank you to her. Thank you to Jahan
name:L K
class of business:Overseas study business
The consultant's sister kindly answered a lot of my questions about postgraduate application and was super patient to choose a school with me! Super nice!!
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